VAC Safe Shelter

Trafficking Information

The Jefferson County Safe Harbour Program provides case coordination and advocacy for youth under the age of 21 who have been the subject of commercial sexual exploitation.

Survivors have access to services including: medical care, mental health counseling, financial assistance, emergency shelter and other basic living and safety needs.  The program also provides community education and conducts public awareness campaigns on the issue.

The goal is to address the immediate life and safety issues of identified youth and to reduce the risk of continued sexual exploitation and abuse by providing access to needed resources.

The Lewis County Safe Harbour Program is operated by Lewis County Opportunties – you can find more information on their website: Lewis County Opportunities
Safe Harbour Referral Form


Basic Needs Assistance

Victims of CSEC and underage sex trafficking may need access to the following services:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Basic needs, including food, clothing, and medical care
  • Long/short term housing
  • Educational counseling
  • Legal Services
  • Access to case management
  • Residence assistance
  • English language training or a translator
  • Job training and/or job placement assistance



Common Red Flags

  • Child runs away from home frequently and/or for significant periods of time
  • Over-sexualized behavior
  • Multiple sexually transmitted infections, abortions or anonymous sexual partners
  • Signs of sexual, physical or mental abuse, depression or suicidal tendencies
  • Untreated injuries
  • Indications or reports of domestic violence/intimate partner violence
  • Has a significantly older partner/spends a lot of time with a controlling person or older adult
  • Describes a stalking situation
  • Reluctant to discuss how they make money, where they live, how or when they came to the United States
  • Scared of consequences to a degree greater than the situation warrants

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